TEYR and The Twisted Twenty
Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead
Friday 13th July
Doors 7:00pm, Live Music 7:45pm

TEYR and The Twisted Twenty join forces for a spellbinding double bill full of tales, melodies and musical journeys. Multi-instrumental folk trio TEYR and baroque-folk ensemble T20 offer two radically different perspectives on British folk music, exploring new and old ley lines through traditional musics. Here the two acclaimed bands collaborate to bring you the Gales and Tall Tales Tour 2018.

The Twisted Twenty
Described as “..a hot toddy for the and a summer’s day for the mind..”, The Twisted Twenty take 18th century folk musics and using original period instruments, forge a new sound for the 21st century. Comprising of some of the UK’s most talented classical and folk musicians, their debut album was released to great acclaim in 2017 on Penny Fiddle Records.

Folk trio TEYR evolved out of London’s thriving session scene, combining bothy ballads, focsle shanties, folk tunes and Irish poetry. Their unique blend of voices and instruments draws links between the many sounds of the Celtic and British isles. Featuring close vocal harmonies, fiddle, uilleann pipes, guitar, low whistle and accordion, and influenced by the great folk musicians who’ve come before, TEYR (‘3’ in the Cornish language) have honed their craft and thrive on weaving their diverse threads together.