at Soho Folk and Blues @cuts, Soho
The Basement @ Cuts, 41 Frith Street
Thursday 14th December
Doors 7:30pm, Live Music 8:00pm
Tickets £10 Advance

Sam Browse is a London (formerly Sheffield) -based folk singer, performing songs about working class struggle and queer experience. Drawing on a folk canon of rakish werewolves, gender-fluid drummers, and inappropriately amorous kings – alongside sounds sampled from Soho to the RVT – his latest EP, Wanton Will, is a love letter to queer London. A – sort of? – newcomer to the capital’s folk music scene, we hope you enjoy him as much as we do.

Lou C and Leo Pal’s shared excitement for carefully crafted harmonies and each other’s songs got them started as a singer-songwriter duo accompanying themselves on guitar, banjo and ukelele in 2022. They combine their own repertoire of songs of love, anger, social injustice and women’s lives – spanning the navigation of contemporary motherhood to the joys and perils of a seriously drunken night out – with their own re workings of traditional Folk songs, Americana and other selected interpretations .