Richard Hawkins and Malcolm Thacker
Green Note Basement Bar
Tuesday 5th February 2019
Doors 7:30pm, Live Music 8:00pm

Richard is drawn to songs that tell stories: stories that make you wonder, laugh, cry, be angry or hopeful. Any of the following may turn up on the night to tell you their tales: a heroic pigeon, an iconic steam train, a wise old Taoist farmer, the innocent victims of wars ancient and modern, maybe even a snowman who takes on the forces of Thatcherism. Whether interpreting traditional or contemporary songs, Richard’s original and intricate guitar arrangements drive the story along. A few self-penned innovative takes on the age-old themes of love and loss may feature too!

Malcolm is a singer-songwriter from Surrey who has been writing and performing his own songs and occasional songs by other songwriters in clubs and sessions for many years. His songs are inspired by his wanderings in the British countryside; from the Cumbrian fells to his native North Downs, by the special people he has met and the joy of shared music, as well as the ups and downs of family life. Expect simple, tuneful music performed with love…and lots of opportunities to join in.