Green Note, Camden
Monday 1st July
Doors 7:00pm, Live Music 8:30pm
Tickets Advance £14 £17 on the night

Rebecka Edlund, Phoebe Harty and Cori Smith (Once a Fig) met in South East London, playing folk music and dancing polska into the early hours of the morning. The trio immerse themselves in myriad musical soundscapes, intertwining traditional folk melodies with original compositions and improvisations. Their spiralling arrangements with spinning, trance-like melodies morph into electrifying groove-based tunes, inviting the audience on a musical journey. For the trio, no other feeling comes close to making music, telling stories and sharing meaningful moments with an audience.

Rebecka is a London-based Swedish singer, lyricist and composer with a soft spot for the ocean, anecdotes and rusty orange. Her music is a concoction of jazz and folk music traditions, whale song, bird whistles and other strange, beautiful sounds.

Phoebe is a cellist from Lancashire and has grown up playing the folk and traditional music of her home and lots of other beautiful places and countries.

Viola player Cori Smith is a composer and musician from the North of England. Her compositions communicate and connect with audiences, drawing them into a world of entrancing and thought-provoking sounds.

Louis Campbell joined Sam Sweeney’s band at 19, going on to record the albums ‘Unearth Repeat’ and ‘Escape That’ and performing at venues including the Royal Albert Hall. He has been cited as ‘a talent to watch’ by the Sunday Times.

Dave Malkin is a composer, guitarist and producer working predominantly in music for television and film. Alongside John Dipper and his 14-string viola d’amore he is one half of Dipper Malkin, reimagining the traditional music of England.

Louis and Dave started working together in 2023 and together explore how ancient traditional English music can be arranged with modern perspectives..