Kate Thomas and friends
Green Note Basement Bar
Tuesday 2nd April
Doors 7:30pm, Live Music 8:00pm

Kate Thomas is an eclectic singer-songwriter based in London with influences from jazz and world music. Kate travelled the world for many years with a backpack and guitar in tow and has performed in multiple genres including folk, gypsy, latin and jazz; all of which you can now hear in Kate’s music.

“Where the energy of rock blends in with the intimacy of folk” – A&R FACTORY

“A stunning 4-tracks of gypsy-folk that displays Latin to Jazz and acoustic influences for a result that will make you want to watch Chocolat again.” … “The production and the vocals are both stunning and perfectly fit the niche Kate created for herself. Her agile vocals intensify the lyrics with an intricate yet precise delivery that will enchant you” – FREQUENCY 21