Green Note, Camden
Saturday 13th July
Doors 1:45pm, Live Music 2:30pm
Tickets £14 Advance, £17 on the door

Inspired by the lively traditional dance music of Europe, Hearken Quartet are an energetic ensemble of clarinet, uillean pipes, guitar, piano and diatonic accordion. Bringing flesh flavours to Euro-bal music, whether its the chain dances of Brittany, Scandinavian couple dances, or the bourree of the French Auvergne, Hearken Quartet delivers delicious arrangements of tunes new and old that will whet the appetites of traditional and contemporary music fans alike.

The project began as a collaboration between Bruce Lambelle-Rudd and Bob Downham in 2017, forming a duo of melodeon and uilleann pipes/low whistle to explore the traditional dance music of continental Europe. In 2022 the band expanded to include music techhead Alex Walters and clarinet powerhouse M Lomas, who brought stomping accompaniment and wistful harmonies, resulting in a rousing atmosphere powered by a wall of sound.

Duo Gestrikt is an instrumental balfolk duo from Belgium. They offer a blend of original and traditional songs performed on Flemish bagpipes/clarinet and diatonic accordion. Expect a lively dance party interspersed with intimate moments!