Hannah James’ Jigdoll
Oxford House, Bethnal Green
Thursday 4th May 2017

“Those who saw JigDoll at Shrewsbury witnessed an elegant, flowing transition between tunes, movement and song.
Loops of accordion melody were left to play by themselves, augmented by feet-made percussive sounds that repeated seemingly of their own will.
It was Beautiful and Baffling” – Froots Magazine

JigDoll is a new project created by Hannah James. A rarity in folk music, Hannah is a singer, musician and innovative clog dancer. Jig Doll combines all of these disciplines in a beautiful new show exploring the life of the travelling player: sometimes exotic, sometimes frightening, it’s a world where home changes daily, and the only touchstones are the skills you carry with you, and the people you meet on the way.

Jigdoll is the culmination of Hannah’s career thus far, allowing her to combine all of the disciplines for which she’s become known and take them to exciting new places. Much more than a concert, Jig Doll features newly-composed music in a magical setting woven around percussive dance.