Elmøe & Hoffmann
The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell
Tuesday 12th November
Doors 7:30pm, Live Music 8:15pm

The music of Elmøe & Hoffmann is Nordic in its essence: Inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cittern, the violin and the piano. All of the music is freshly composed and arranged by Elmøe & Hoffmann, and the roots of the band members musicianship can be heard throughout the repertoire, whether it be the Swedish polska, Norwegian heavy metal (!), or Bach.

In 2015 Elmøe & Hoffmann started as a duo as a part of the young, growing Danish folk music scene. Emma Elmøe and Villads Hoffmann knew each other from the neighborhoods of Vanløse, Copenhagen, and shared a friendship even before they discovered their musical bond. Together they released a digital EP, and  won the “new talent” prize at the DMAFolkDanish Music Awards 2015. In 2017, the duo were joined by Danish folk pianist Julian Svejgaard Jørgensen who will be touring with them.