Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall
Monday 12th June

Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall are a young folk duo, with roots based in both the English and French tradition.

Danny Pedler and Rosie Butler-Hall, two young, dynamic musicians who formed as a duo in late 2011. Danny (from Essex) plays Hurdy Gurdy and Accordion and Rosie (from Wiltshire) plays five-string fiddle and sings. They play mostly English and French songs and tunes and enjoy a close relationship with the audience at our live gigs. Their music is characterised by flowing melodies, intricate harmonies and strong rhythms while keeping the flavour of the traditional style.

“Energetic, yet refined, expressive but totally rooted in the groove, these two musicians effortlessly delight and compel the listener. A beautiful combination of English and French music that is superb to listen to and amazing to dance to!” – John Dipper (English Acoustic Collective, Methera, Morris Offspring and Dipper & Daniels)