Andreas Tophøj and Rune Barslund
Thursday 25th January 2018
Doors 7:30pm
The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

The duo sets out from traditional Danish music, but they have a contemporary take on it, being influenced by music from various countries and traditions. The duo draws on inspiration gained from residing in Ireland and the US and from encounters with Celtic and Nordic musicians and musical cultures. This all adds to the musical melting pot on which Andreas and Rune base their original compositions. These guys are skillful and experienced musicians captivating their audience by communicating in the beautiful language of music.

Accordingly, the repertoire of the duo is based on a compelling musical melting pot and mainly features original compositions. The two musicians are also known from other bands such as ZAR, Kasír and Basco. Andreas and Rune are both very experienced musicians mastering a high musical and technical level as well as captivating ensemble playing. Their track, ‘The Danish Immigrant’ was awarded track of the year at the Danish Music Awards Folk in 2012.