Threepenny Bit
– Sunday 7th May 2017
The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

Hampshire-based Threepenny Bit are an example of how traditional dance tunes and contemporary sounds can be blended into a fresh interpretation of folk music. This dynamic eight-piece band combines a group of diehard folkies with some of the finest young jazz and classical musicians in the south. They play bold arrangements of traditional and original tunes with infectious stage energy.

The band’s diverse influences enable them to explore traditional music without restraint, and with their impressive line up of saxophone, clarinet, bass guitar and drums, alongside accordion, flute, violin and guitar, Threepenny Bit create an unparalleled wall of sound. Their approach has led to regular appearances across the length and breadth of the UK folk scene in recent years, always providing an “all out musical bombardment”!

‘Bursting with energy’ – The Telegraph

‘The most head-spinningly original album to emerge from the current crop of young folk collectives this year… Forget nodding along approvingly, this is an all-out musical bombardment’ – Rob Fearnly, Bright Young Folk

It’s addictive stuff as forays into rock and jazz blend with interpretations of trad British Dances The Musician