The Harrison, Kings Cross
Friday 7th June
Doors 7:30pm, Live Music 8:00pm
Tickets £12 Advance, £14 on the night

London-born original artist AERYN (she/her) is the architect behind a unique sound which encompasses both their love of music and its creation, and their deep connection to the environment that raised them. AERYN blends together the contemporary and traditional into delicate melodies, soulful lyrics and gutsy harmonies. 

A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, AERYN uses a loop station to bring all these tools in her arsenal under masterful control. 

AERYN has since broadened their collection of played instruments to include the melodeon, keyboard, harmonium, flute, violin, and sought to increase the use of her vocals, placing her firmly in a new and exciting court. This has now itself overspilled into the use of lyrical expression, and AERYN now classifies herself as a songwriter too.

Tonight AERYN will be celebrating the recent release of her debut album

Recorded in the winter of 23/24, “othala” is the first release by •AERYN•.

Comprising of nine tracks, “othala” is an emotional sledgehammer, journeying through themes discovery, revolution, and enlightenment.